Pendant Armor Partner Announcement

iCobotics is excited to announce our partnership with Pendant Armor by Roboworld!

Pendant Armor is the world’s first line of robotic teach pendant cases. Their innovative design keeps your pendants safe from all sorts of industrial dangers including drops and spills. The case protects all of the pendant’s most vital components while remaining lightweight and sleek. No extra bulk here! Protecting your teach pendant is a must. Without it, your robots won’t be able to complete even the simplest of tasks. 

At iCobotics, we love Pendant Armor for several reasons. First, the protection their cases provide is unbeatable. We no longer have to worry about the possibility of damaged or broken pendants. Second, they have designed cases for six different OEM’s. That means regardless of which robot you choose, Pendant Armor has you covered (literally!). Stay protected and productive with Pendant Armor by Roboworld. 

Interested in getting a case for your teach pendant? Head over to the Roboworld website for more information!