Universal Robots UR5 Production Cart

Perfect for simple tasks, the UR5 cart frees your employees from monotonous work, no additional safety measures required. Choose UR5 or UR5e to suit your needs. 

What's Included 

- UR5 OR UR5e Collaborative Robot

- Vention Production Cart

- Robotiq Hand-E Gripper, Wrist Camera, and Insights Remote Monitoring Package

- Datalogic Area Scanner

    - Pendant Armor Bumper Protector for Teach Pendant

NOTE: OnRobot and Schunk options available

Yaskawa GP7 Production Cart

The GP7 cart offers all the benefits of a collaborative robot and can run at much faster speeds when utilizing an area safety scanner and functional safety.

What's Included 

- Yaskawa GP7 Collaborative

and Industrial Robot

- Vention Production Cart

- OnRobot RG2 Electric Gripper

- Datalogic or Sick Area Safety Scanner 

- 1/2" thick aluminum plates for the workpiece area and robot mount

NOTE: Robotiq and Schunk options available

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