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USED Mitsubishi RV4 6-Axis Robot

USED Mitsubishi RV4 6-Axis Robot

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Versatile, High-Performance, Industrial Robot

Key Standard Features

  • 64 Bit RISC Processing – Faster, more precise moves and execution
  • Singularity Avoidance – Ease of programming in areas of singularity
  • Built-in Collision Detection – Safety and cost savings
  • Compliance Control – User-defined path forgiveness
  • Multi-Task Programming – Allows tasks to be easily separated and programmed
  • Single programming software package for all robot types – Efficient program development
  • Plug and play interface to Cognex cameras
  • Additional axis interface – Plug and play SSCNETIII connection to MR-J4 servos
  • Serial encoder interface – 2 channels for conveyor tracking
  • Ethernet communication port – Easy integration to vision or other accessories
  • USB and RS232 – Quick connection to PC