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OnRobot Dual Quick Changer 4,5A

OnRobot Dual Quick Changer 4,5A

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The new OnRobot Dual Quick Changer allows the use of two OnRobot grippers at the same time. For example, you can use two RG2 grippers or an RG6 gripper with a VG10 - the combination is up to you. The OnRobot Dual Quick Changer also allows quick switching between grippers without disconnecting any cables.

The OnRobot Dual Quick Changer fits Universal Robots and many other industrial robot arms. It supports all OnRobot QC grippers (except for the RG2-FT).

This is the new 4.5A version that works with the OnRobot Screwdriver


  • Payload up to 20 kg
  • Electrical connection pass-through avoids cables going to grippers
  • Supports all OnRobot QC grippers (except for the RG2-FT)
  • ISO 9409-1